Created by two knuckleheads spewing brain sewage on smoke breaks, we decided the world could benefit from our stupidity. Mainly cracking ourselves up, we hope to find other idiots to share a laugh.


7 responses

11 12 2009
tim white


16 12 2009

OK, I just took the time to finally look at these. They are super funny & I plan to return. Webster!

18 12 2009
dame lisa

god finally this site is up. i was tired of getting this crap in my work email. and soon isn’t soon enough for i heart nyquil gear.

30 12 2009
your loving neice

hey! awesome website. love the poperah! i’ll show my friends. tootaloo! -Donna!!!!!

30 12 2009

thanks, donna.

30 12 2009

❤ it!

26 10 2010
Dirty white boy

Aaron,,and his co-hort in crime,, congrates on this. I always thought you an ‘airhead'(that’s what we called you when you were younger anyway,, remember?) now I know different. you’re a ‘not-quit-genius’ but close 😉 . I’m so glad you found your ‘nitch’ now,, keep it up as I know you’ll go far if you put your mind to it(what mind you have left from all them partying days @TWU. ;-)) Oh and give your Mom and me credit too, catch my drift?? luv ya, son..Wabbit too. PS,,hope the luv-seat lives up to its name.

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