Demons, sex addiction, bicycling

5 04 2010

Jordan’s in a rehab facility off-site. Simply put, it takes both of us working in tandem, chain-smoking Hamel Lights in sequestered brain storm sessions, to produce quality humor at the rate you’re used to. We are sorry for the disjointed performance over the past few weeks, but please keep our co-founder in your prayers as he battles his demons and sex addiction. Upon his return he’ll be mired in forced-witness allegations by the strong arm of the Dallas Police that he was seen stripping nude on Dealy Plaza. Video is supposedly “out there.” That should just be a fine though. Look for more consistency as these developments unfold and are dealt with. Oh then after that, we’ll be taking care of these claims of a “sex tape” of he and Sandra Bullock, while he is wearing a Hitler mustache and holding a shotgun. Do you believe in sex tapes? Should we make more of them with middle aged celebrities? This blog is yall’s life too. Just trying to connect with people.




One response

6 04 2010

if believing in sex tapes is wrong…

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